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Port    Townsend    has    a    long    maritime    heritage,    and    our former    careers    were    involved    with    the    sea    where    the phrase,   "Fair   winds   and   following   seas..."   is   a   special   salute to   a   fellow   mariner.   Our   label   recalls   those   days   when   "fair winds"   brought   exotic   cargoes   from   around   the   world.   We wish   you   "fair   winds   and   following   seas"   and   believe   the ship   on   this   bottle   will   bring   you   a   refreshing   experience from the wonderful world of wine flavors! FairWinds   Winery   always   partners   with   some   of   the   best growers   in   the   Yakima   Valley   to   provide   top   quality   fruit which   is   hand   picked,   transported   to   the   winery,   fermented in   small,   highly   monitored   lots   and   made   into   FairWinds medal   winning   wines.   We   predominately   use   American   oak but   sometimes   a   blend   of   American,   French   and   Hungarian will be what works best. Our   reds   are   bottled   without   filtration   and   both   reds   and whites   are   given   just   the   minimum   amount   of   sulfite’s   to ensure   freshness   and   longevity.   Our   average   production   is around   1,000   cases   per   year   and   our   wines   are   available   at the   winery,   a   few   local   outlets,   on-line   and   through   our wine club.
We are proud members of Olympic Peninsula Wineries Fine Wines from the Olympic Peninsula