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Our Wines

CABERNET SAUVIGNON (2006) This wine is well balanced with a robust flavor and sure to please.
PORT O'CALL (NV) This a mellow Port and may be served as a dessert wine.Awarded an "outstanding" rating by Wine Press Northwest
GEWURZTRAMINER (2007) This crisp, spicy wine can stand up to zesty foods and is a pleasant, refreshing drink by itself.
FRWB (Fabulous Red Wine Blend)A proprietary blend of three in-house wines, with taste of cinnamon, walnuts and berries
Chardonnay (2009) A tasty rendition of an all- time favorite
Champoux Vineyards 2007 CABERNET SAUVIGNON
Fine Wines from the Olympic Peninsula
We have a nice selection of award winning wines as well as wine related gifts. Come take a tour and enjoy a taste at FairWinds Winery