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Micheal Cavett, Winemaker, Founder

Micheal had made homebrew, wine, root beer, and sake long before becoming a winemaker.  So when he decided to pursue this endeavor, he had plenty of knowledge and understood the chemistry of doing so.  In order to produce wine on a commercial level, he understood the need to gain more knowledge regarding the process. 

In 1992, he went to UC Davis, California, and took classes in winemaking.  He also developed wonderful friendships with mentors Wade Wolfe of Thurston Wolfe Winery and Stan Clarke who were instrumental in giving him insight on grapes and the intricacies of winemaking.  

Micheal Cavett (USCG Captain [Ret.])

Before becoming an owner and winemaker of FairWinds Winery’s Micheal Cavett (USCG Captain [Ret.]) had an extensive military career beginning in 1959 at the age of 18.  

He enlisted in the Navy after a minor run-in with the law and the judge told him he had two choices, jail or Navy.  His response was, “I have always wanted to see the world, so I will go into the Navy”. 

He spent four years in the Navy which included 18 months in San Miguel, Philippines, and duty aboard USS Helena.  After leaving the Navy with the country in a depression and no jobs available, and with a wife and child to support, he joined the Coast Guard as a 3rd Class Petty Officer in 1964. 

He was stationed aboard the USCGC North Wind out of Seattle, Washington, where he did a tour to the Arctic Circle and broke ice with baseball bats while serving as a radioman.  In 1967, he attended Officer’s Candidate School and his first duty as an Ensign was aboard the USCGC Gresham in Alameda, California.  After eight years in California, he was transferred to Juneau, Alaska, and served as a Maritime Safety Officer for three years. 

His next assignment was Miami, Florida, where he dealt with the Mariel boatlift movement out of Cuba.  In 1982 his next duty was as Commanding Officer of Coast Guard Base Valdez, Alaska.  After three years, he was transferred to Seattle, Washington, to the District Office. 

In 1988, he served in Bahrain in the Middle East as a Military Liaison Officer and traveled throughout many Arab countries including Kuwait, Oman, Dubai, and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  His next duty station was back to the District Office in Seattle where he retired in 1991.  During his thirty-two-year career, he was promoted over the years from seaman recruit to First Class as an enlisted sailor; then as an officer from Ensign to Captain (0-6) until his retirement.   

He is one of the rare “mustangs” to go from the lowest of the low to the top.  Captain Cavett has always said this is one of the greatest accomplishments of his life and he continues to be proud of his service to his country. 

In the military, there is a saying bidding sailors farewell with “Fair winds and following seas”.  As a tribute to his more than three decades of Coast Guard service and to the Victorian Seaport of Port Townsend, Micheal gave his winery a maritime name and theme for the label and décor.   

He wishes you all fair winds and following seas!

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